Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 17 Blog Final Post

Social Media use for the Oceanside Breakers has always been among the best run accounts that their is in the local soccer environment. This class helped validate the direction where we have been using our social media. However, I do know that there is always room for improvement, and one that I feel needs more immediate attention is our video content, but more specifically our Youtube channel. I believe that the direction of social media is all going to be geared toward original video content. The consistency that we have maintained has helped us grow and differentiate ourselves from other clubs. 

Being able to use the insights in a much more efficient manner has certainly helped us focus on using our content in the best way possible to the right audience. We have seen a steady increase of new followers and likers to our pages. I believe that we are about to start having a bigger social media influence from the methods that we have been using. 

I think that we have only begun to scratch the surface of social media influence, which is will be as influential as the television. We are now able to gather information and customized constant with the greatest of ease, now with a lot of the older generations jumping on, they use it completely different from the younger crowds, which is now going to open even more advertisement opportunities.This is why people value their phones most among other things that they have because of our their need of connectivity to the world, especially social media. 

Since I have been doing this type of business for some time, it really helped validate my views on social media. I have been using a lot of these methods learned in business for some time, and being able to be validated by the teaching means that the next important component is consistency. While ideally every business would like to be the next viral hit, the reality is that it takes time to build your audience and brand awareness.  Social media like any other business requires time and effort.

Being in the industry my opinion is a bit biased but I firmly believe that you need to have the proper social platforms to be successful in business, not taking advantage of this free advertisements is just foolish. It is time consuming which is why most businesses see this as more of nuisance but the reality is that we can it is so crucial to your everyday operations. Which is why it is more cost effective to hire an outside company than managing  it themselves. The hardest part of this type of business is calculating the ROI, which makes businesses skeptical when hiring these type of companies.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this class, I have at times felt that this industry was too good to be true but the reality is that it will continue to be as important that ever and even though I have been doing this for some time, I believe that the future is bright for our fellow entrepreneurs. Thank you for a great semester. 

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