Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 15 Blog Post 1

The tools that are available to business owners if used correctly, can give you incredible insight, and Google Analytics is the best their is. While tracking your page you can now even have real time stats of where your readers are looking and spending time on. I think that depending on your business the stats that you would need to look at can vary but I feel, that some of the musts have to be; what is attracting you viewers, what are they reading, where they are located and the demographic. If you are starting a business and may not be too sure about your target market, you can see what is bringing the reader to your page. Of course another important feature, and this would be used more for a store would be the conversion rate, being able to see that can make it easier to identify what works and what doesn't. The information that you receive can be vital, if used correctly.

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