Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week 14 Blog Post 1

I have two examples of ads that we had created for two different types of events, a recreational sign up and a competitive one. They were aimed at similar demographics in both cases. We also promoted one through the ads and the other was completely organic. In the organic post, which was aimed at the newer parents with young children. In the post we took a picture of one of the girls recreational teams, which featured 7 year old girls smiling proud holding their team banner while wearing their jerseys. We also included a call to action in creating an event on Facebook. The post itself is brief yet informational with some eye catching appeal due to the use of emojis. The overall message is that we are all about fun and soccer. I think this post does target our market correctly while still providing a captivating post.

The second post which was aimed at a competitive tryout, featured a girls team showing raw emotion with the picture being taken after winning a national championship. This also contained a call to action which led them directly to the soccer registration. Although this post was intended for both boys and girls sign ups, the picture used was deliberately aimed girls as they were our primary target for teams. The post was also promoted through Facebook Ads, and was specifically aimed at areas around Oceanside. I also believe that the post brings the correct message and uses captivating content.

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