Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 11 Blog Post 1

The Oceanside Breakers have a goal of creating an engaged and active community, so email is still a vital tool to keep our customers engaged. Relationship building is key, and through newsletters we like to keep them connected with a monthly issue. I have been looking at different newsletters that I have subscribed to and look at their designs and frequency of them. Some of them I like, others were a bit on the annoying side. I caught myself looking at the headlines of those emails and those were the ones I would open, because that is really what its all about right? attention grabbing? Everything is just a commercial for us. One of the great points that I read in the chapter was about a commercial, the book easily defined it as a something that grabs your attention and gets a reaction. Which as simple as it may seem, that is exactly it. Thats why you have platforms and snapchat and instagram, who are now giving you commercials across your story in short 5 second increments, where you choose to get more information about the potential product. Email newsletters that catch your attention whether its sales driven or relationship building can continue to be a great way to reach whatever your goals may be. Just like every other tool, its just needs to be used effectively to get the best results.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 10 Blog Post 2

Ideally in my blog, which focuses on men's lifestyle, I would have categories such as health, fashion, how-to, relationship and personal interest pieces. In order to accomplish in creating and posting relevant and meaningful content, a calendar will be key. Being able to create the posts and schedule them out to weeks ahead not only gives you piece of mind with what is going up on the site but it makes it easier to create content knowing that your site is being updated regularly. I think that these types of categories are what is expected to be for this demographic, there definitely can be other categories you could add but as long as you have a solid core, it will continue to keep your readers engaged.

Week 10 Blog Post 1

The best thing about adding personal experiences, is that whether you are a big time company like Chevy or a small time blog, adding these interest pieces can appeal to all different types of demographics. Being able to humanize yourself through these types of posts create a connection between the writer and readers, which keeps them engaged and returning for more original content. I do believe that picking and choosing when you add these types of pieces is important, as you can tire your potential reader with overwhelming content. Maintaining a balance to your page is key, since you want to make sure that your content varies.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 9 Alternate Assignment

I picked 4 competitive soccer clubs in the County of San Diego, they are LA Galaxy San Diego, San Diego Soccer Club, Surf Soccer Club, and Vista Storm. These clubs not only represent the different demographics but both the beginning and advanced stages of twitter accounts.

LA Galaxy San Diego

From an active user myself, I definitely have some suggestions with their account. The page is very bland from the moment you visit the page and it is linked with both their Instagram and Facebook accounts, which makes the post pretty tired since it has been spread the same way on all their linked sites. Engagement is nonexistent, as their timeline is so linked account heavy is makes people avoid the page as none of the posts are original. Their cover photo is a bland logo, they should change it up with some pictures of their players or anything really, it's just unappealing.

San Diego Soccer Club

My first thoughts upon visiting the site was that it is appealing, and the content is great. The have lot of pictures of their players, engagement with other accounts, retweets etc.. they are just using twitter the way it should be used. My lone suggestions is that they need to use keywords or hashtags to get a better reach. Their cover photo leaves a bit to the imagination as it does not go with the overall page, again anything would really be better. Overall a great account.

Surf Soccer Club

Possibly the richest club in the county, they put a lot of effort to their account and it shows, they have a great cover photo of coaches, their content and use of hashtags is great. I would probably say maybe to link videos or gifs to their timeline, and possibly be more involved in the conversations, but really I am just being picky. Best I have seen.

Vista Storm

Vista Storm’s page is having a good cover photo and the first tweet is a great picture, but then you quickly realize that they have not only posted the same things several times but they rarely ever tweet. Having this type of timeline basically eliminates an engaged audience as the content is not just dated but repeated. They just need to be more active, as the tweets and content they have is promising. 

Week 9 Blog Part 2

Our twitter account is ran with two separate goals in mind, connecting ourselves in the local business community (sponsorships) and having a voice in anything soccer related. Having these two goals in mind, i had some ideas ready to use for the search: Oceanside, Soccer, Futbol, Local, I also used the location to help find these account in the city we operate. Oceanside brought a lot of results rather quickly and found some small businesses that we not aware of, the other terms on the other hand were a bit more difficult, they led me to people that were within the locale, but weren't in line of who I was looking for. I ended up finding Fratelli's, Swami's Oceanside and Rocking Baja Lobster for my local Oceanside business list. For my other list I was looking for soccer knowledge and insights, but more importantly local and I found 2, Dike and Cesar Hernadez.

 I created 2 lists that fall in line with my initial goals for twitter. local business and soccer knowledge. Creating lists keeps your timeline organized with the information that will be displayed, it can also help identify potential leads or other accounts you can work with. Twitter itself has always been strange in regards to time of day of when you post, I feel that as long as you stay engaged in the conversation the better exposure you have, the other times that I feel tweets are most effective is after big news or accomplishments. Overall being a part of the conversation is key to Twitter.